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Tech Session is specialised in the design, delivery, implementation and maintenance of ‘tailor-made’ and ‘Turn-key’ ICT solutions.
For years, Tech Session offers solutions for the complete network environment, from infrastructure to GroupWare and related e-business solutions and managed Services.

The portfolio also includes solutions for workflow, document management and archiving, data & network security and managed services. Through the years, we developed turn-key solutions for different markets such as the Transport Sector, Defence Sector and other…

Quality Services and quality solutions are our basic goals in order to keep you - our customers - satisfied and successful as we have for many years.

Network security

Network Security should never be overlooked and therefore, we take it very seriously.  Consider us for expert advice on implementing Network Security solutions that diminish your vulnerability and protect you from inside and outside threats.

Tech Session knows that the security of your data is of vital importance to your business operations regardless of your company size. Malicious hackers and viruses pose a serious threat to all internet-enabled businesses. We are ready to work with you in addressing your key network security concerns. Depending on your company's unique situation, one or more layers of protection may be required to provide a defence against different kinds of attacks. These layers may include firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection, system hardening, strong authentication and Business Process & Document Management security systems.

Document Management

Tech Session has the ability and the experience to implement total solutions as a combination of Business Process Analysis and Improvement, Workflow & Document Management Design and Implementation, Enterprise Portal Implementation, Application development and Installation and Maintenance Services.

During this implementation we propose the following gradual implementation:

  • A prototype (1-2 weeks) to experiment with and evaluate the use of technology
  • A pilot to evaluate the impact of the technology on a specific business process (1-2 months)
  • Implementation means integration with internal applications and databases and should be estimated per case

Tech Session provides an surplus value on the products by its role as Integrator.
For each individual case or project, the right product-match is being made. The choice depends on the characteristics of the process, the required functionalities and technological features, the existing infrastructure, tools and applications.

In general terms, every product is selected using the following criteria:  
       •  Conformity to industrial standards
       •  Performance
       •  Ergonomics
       •  Security
       •  Stability
       •  Functionalities
       •  Price


The implementation requires a methodological approach, not only based on paperwork only, but based on lessons learned during past project implementations. Tech Session has developed its own methodology based on the DSDM (Dynamic System Development Methodology). Prototyping, user interaction and a gradual implementation are the main characteristics of this proven approach.

Project development is for us more than a one-time implementation. It is the basis for a long-term partnership where some of our partners play the role of unique entry point and independent integrator to help the customer obtain his strategic goals.

Linguistic Services

Language allows businesses to spread globally. Through the understanding and use of language, it allows people and business to make agreements, share technology and knowledge, reach the far corners of the world. Communication boundaries disappear and people come closer.
If your company wants to do business internationally, a multi-language website or brochure is a requirement. Tech Sessions offers help in:

  • editing / proof-reading
  • translating
  • transcription
  • copywriting for your website or brochures

and this in four languages: English, Dutch, German and French.

With an eye for detail, Tech Session efficiently checks your documents for terminology, grammar, style, consistency, ease of comprehension, spelling, punctuation, completeness, conformity with source text and layout.

We can offer you our transcription services for all digital voice recordings, i.e. minutes of meetings, reports, interviews, thesis, memoires, books…, voice recorded in your native language and written out in any of the four languages mentioned above. We can handle general , medical, pharmaceutical and technical subjects.

If you wish, we can put our writers/translators at work to create texts for you. In close cooperation, subjects and demands are discussed, followed by continuous reviews, until a satisfactory result is achieved. The success of your business lies in the power of reaching more customers and meeting their demands. A convincing and creative text can make a big difference.