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Once your IT environment has been installed, it is understandable that you might need support to keep your systems going or to solve unexpected problems.

Our support services are applicable for all services mentioned on our website and even more…

Tech Session is available for:

  • Fast and secure on-site interventions
  • Secure remote interventions and desktop control, anytime and anywhere in the world
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Translation services (for your website or in dealing with foreign partners)

This way, Tech Session can increase customer satisfaction and reduce service time. Our remote helpdesk is offered to you in four languages (Dutch, French, English and German).

Some of our services can be provided 24/7.

Giving you a maximum support in a minimum of time is what Tech Session aims for. Do not let your technical issues become a nuisance. Contact Tech Session for a reliable and fast solution.




Remote Support through Teamviewer

For our Windows Customers:


Install as Commercial Client and provide us with the TeamViewer ID and Password


For our MacOS Customers:



Internet slow?